My Desire for you: We hope this work will allow you to get the wisdom in the spoken word, and strengthening principles that will encourage you in adversity. Poetry comes as the peak of understanding, a revelation, and an epiphany when you finally understand the reason why things are and you come out with a liberating truth.
In my challenges as God began to speak to me, I began to write encouraging messages to myself. I was inspired, comforted and reminded that we all go through different challenges.
Perhaps today you can benefit from my experiences and in the future you may be the answer, the one that will encourage others and leave a legacy beyond your circle of influence.
Madeline discovered that when you are depressed you donít think clearly about tomorrow, you get discouraged and often times you are drowned in your challenges. You may even be suicidal and forget that your life has a greater purpose. She was drowned for a while until she began to view challenges as a tool for gaining strength. In her work you will see that the more you over come, the more you grow strong and God will give you rest and wholesomeness. Your soul is the jewel of his sonís suffering. Please listen to Who Could Pay?



It meant I almost gave up, but I didn'tít,
I fell along the way and I got up,
I wanted to cruise in the highway
But my road turned to a forest,
It sucked but I sucked it in,
I staggered and stumbled,
But I kept going and became stronger,

When the road became darker,
I groped into the darkness and chose faith,
That helped me to see beyond this day,
I refused to let the darkness blur my way,
I was not scared; I became bold and courageous,
To do what I had never done before,
And to go where I had never been before,

I was pushed to the edge,
I got angry but I did not become bitter,
I was beaten but did not surrender
I overcame the anger with gratefulness,

When I faced the ocean,
I did not know how to cross it,
I waited, persevered and I was renewed,
I sought for wisdom early in the morning,
I earnestly fought and weaved my way through,
I was sure that with endurance,
I could march into my destiny

With grace and endurance
Filled with determination
I mapped up my battle plan,
My muscles were hidden,
I had too much fat,
I was quickly out of breath;

I had to do some resistance training,
Tearing and building my muscles
Tightening and toning. Boom!
I regained my form,
My endurance was built to last,
I was able to function, with maximum capacity.
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The Greatest Lesson

I always chatted with you mum,
We were light spirited,
You taught me to laugh,
And to be the jovial person that I am,
You kept yourself jubilant mother,
You juggled everything in place,
We hardly knew when you were sick,
Thatís why this sickness jolted us,
You hinted to me that you were sick,
But I did not think it will take us this far.
You have incubated me
Under your love and motherly touch,
You communicated your love to me,
You told me hidden mysteries of life,
In everything you conceived me in love,
You rocked me with love in your arms,
You kept saying, I love you, baby,
Your love echoes in my heart precious mother,
I feel indebted to love others,
Just as I have seen you love.
You have always instilled things in me
In a subtly and artful manner,
And the greatest lesson I caught is love,
I marvel at your enlarged heart mother,
I am happy; I am here with you.
You made my day today,
When you pulled out all your strength,
And said I love you,
I longed to hear you say that,
Because thatís the only thing
I can hold for life,
It is so sweet each time you say
I love you baby
With a smile that lightens your face,
Mum, it was so sweet and timely,
My perfect goodbye-
The last thing you said to me,
Was, “I love you.”
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Praise - Madeline Ndambakuwa @ 2010


Dozen Roses
Healing For My soul
Take It Easy
The Greatest Lesson


Surrender Your Will
Stand For Good And Life


Dozen Roses

A gift of presence,
A gift of yourself,
Pouring out your love in words,
and in deed;
Give me a dozen of roses, not only
on Valentineís Day,
Or to mark my birthday,
Give me a dozen of roses each day;
So if one dies, another will still be fresh;
Let the symbol of your love,
Forever be fresh and never wither,
A daily supply of fresh red roses,
Fresh dozens and fresh memories,
Will make a life time of love,
Forever green.
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Healing For My Soul

Seasons, come and seasons go.
Wheels within wheels,
As time rolls on the rim,
Turned by the Creator,
And never reverses itself;
It feels like winter, but its still fall
A transition happening, not yet a butterfly
Nor a caterpillar, but a ball of larva,
On the road to transformation,
Waiting for its wings to fly,
Regardless of the chills
The sky is still blue,
Behind the darkest clouds;

As I walk along the life lane,
Nature's colors are calming,
They bring a soothing breeze, over my face,
Availing precious moments,
And healing for my soul;
As I stroll down the garden of life,
Sometimes, in the midst of the unknown,
God tremendously pours,
Life, love, peace and joy;
He cares for the seasons and the jungles,
I trust, that he will take
Good care of me, moment by moment,
He refreshes my soul.
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The Eye That Sees
Madeline Ndambakuwa @ 2010

Take it Easy

Take it Easy
Easy, easy, take it easy,
Donít worry if you have fallen,
Days are pregnant with promises;
Choose not to be fearful,
Eyes that are tearful wonít see,
But a cheerful heart will give you smiles;
Take it is easy.
The race doesn't depend on your fastness,
Nor your knowledge on its vastness,
Find within you a momentum that is lasting
Focusing on the everlasting
With determined prayer and fasting,
Trusting in the everlasting;
Take it easy
The race will get cheesy before you know it,
A grateful heart will win,
The faithful will be restored
You will be glad you waited;
Your perseverance will be vindicated,
Your victory will be undiluted;
You will forget that you were once fallen.
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Divine Realm

A divine realm, a place of supernatural activity
Not just a solace from the storms of life
It is a place you are empowered to rule,
Reminded youíre Royalty
Come up and reign in your original glory
Every challenge is meant to mature you
In your place of destiny
The Kingdom is within you....Read More


Surrender Your Will

At the age of 40 the adage that says life begins at forty became like a wake up call to me. I thought of myself as a smart person. I had dreams and goals set for my self and I was just bouncing back from two devastating situations back to back, as if this was not enough everything I relied on was out of control. I felt I had failed my self being joblessness, stopped attending college, homeless and I was away from my immediate family. If you think that things are bad in your life, I understand because I thought my world had ended. I was convinced that life was no longer a bed of roses it was rough and tough. Sad to say I took it too personal and I became weak and it took me long to bounce back. I plead with you if you fall donít stay to long on the ground. Get up in a flash.
Here is what struck me most, this blow to me was at the point where I had finally gathered strength and had promised myself that my pain, rejection and sorrow were challenging but it was for my gain. I had made a decision to be inspired in the face of trouble. Determined I promised myself that once I was comforted I was going to comfort others by the comfort that I had received. In my heart, spirit and mind, I had moved to another level. Least did I know that the wind had passed, the storm and the floods had seized but there was still a refining by fire on the way. Let me prepare you for this one; I had been a healthy person, very healthy conscious and I thought there was no way anything in my body could be out of place but I found myself holding an abdominal CT scan that was challenging. Maybe let me put this in a more clear perspective, the size of the tumor was 23cm x 17cm x 12cm thatís a big tumor approximately a little more than 9 x 6 x 4 inches. I said wow! Thatís a large mass.
To date I donít understand how this tumor could sit there and push my other vital organs to the side and comfortably found a place in my body. Knowing I had a tumor that big, said to be cancerous shook my world; needless to say my faith was in one of the biggest arena in what was more than a bull fight. I can earnestly tell you, it became a life and death situation for me. Just to think this could be cancer was unbearable; first I needed unfeigned hope and faith to believe for a miracle. I had no option but to lean on the only everlasting arm I know. Guess what, when you know you might not make it, you encounter the meaning for life and yes if you get a second chance like me you embrace it with gratefulness. You will know life has its challenges, inevitable ups and downs but you can depend on God and talk to him like he is your friend. When you find a friend in God his anointing makes a difference, you may have pain and be down but Godís hand is strong enough to pull you out. For your pain there is a consolation of glory, he is a Rewarder of them that diligently seek him. There shall be a performance to her/him that believes. If you believe you will see the glory of God.
I experienced the peace and comfort of God through the surgery and recovery process. I heard a sound more than words… a joyful sound… I am blessed to know the joyful sound and I will walk in the light of his countenance (his glory) I am persuaded that the sufferings of this present moment can not be compared to the glory that shall be revealed.
If I say I did not fear that will make me a liar. I was afraid but I made a choice to let faith see beyond my own strength. My grandfather told me that faith and fear can not sit in the same seat of your heart. I allowed faith to take her place in my heart. I had to stop and pray and ask God for help. He helped me and showed me his will for me, when my own will had failed me and I had sinned along the way. Maybe that is what you need today for everything that might not be working well in your life. Surrender your will to his sovereign will and watch Godís goodness flooding the gates of your life.
I have been transformed, I was oppressed, sick, discouraged, depressed and hopeless but Jesus saved me and I know he can do the same for you.(please link who could pay?)

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Stand for Good and Life

We all must make a choice to stick with good or evil. It was the Apostle Paul that said when I want to do good evil is present but he made a choice to fight a good fight of faith and I believe he made it through to eternal life. We all must choose life or death on daily basis. As long as you make good choices you empower yourself with life because the God of life rewards you with goodness and life. But as much as you want to make good choices you turn to sink to the things that give you a short time pleasure. It is true that we have a nature that want to please our flesh. Once you taste a little bit of that sinful pleasure you are hooked and you really donít know how to get out. Evil does not parade itself as evil, it makes you itís prey by drawing you to choices that lead you to do evil and sin against God. But the good news is life out shines the darkness, good over comes evil and true happiness comes from pleasing God. When the Spirit of God draws you closer to him and you love him, doing good will become second nature to you and you will have the power to break out from all forms of addictions. If you are fade up with evil, and you wonder how you can get out, there is only one path to go; in the arms of a good God. It will be possible for you to live your life making good choices, empowered by God, because on your own you canít help your-self. I am a living testimony of this, all the choices I made without the help of God have not given me much joy other than leading me astray but every choice I made, lining up with the word of God has been enriching and has given me peace, joy, life and happiness. Now I think the greatest battle of human kind is between good and evil, life and death. If you play evil and death you know you are playing a game you hate and you know you will loose it; but you can join me to† play a game that we can love and know we will win and have a reward for it and that is choosing life, doing good and pleasing God. Stand for good and life!

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If you are encountering new challenges raise your head up and fearlessly move on. It will take courage, faith and hope. Your dream is true and attainable, just have the courage to face adversity.
You must be on the move to need courage; a person who is not in action will never know how much courage he/she needs. I had rather be a woman of courage than to be a coward that dies twice. When you are on the move and challenges are against with almost everyone†telling you it is impossible to get a positive outcome. I ask you to take a stand of faith mixed with a confident expectation that the outcome will be favorable to you, and not against you. It may be a medical condition that you know the doctor has some news for you that might not be good or you have already been told there is no hope. If you have a CA125 blood test that needs further investigation you know how it feels, if your business is going broke and you have no other source of income thatís not a comfortable place to be, your† marriage may be falling apart, surgery looming on the horizon etc. I tell you that will look like a good reason to sit down and to mourn but before you justify your self consider faith. A pity party wonít help you it is FAITH that can turn around situations. Keep your head lifted up donít let your soul be cast down. You need your strength to fight, so donít weigh yourself down with what you can not change, have the courage to hand it over to God because all things are possible with him. Do your part if it means hopping against hope you do; until you emerge out a winner. Miracles are still happening expect one. It may be a closing of one window but an opening of a great door that may usher you onto another level and put you into a new dimension. Choose to keep your fight of faith and you will win. To be present in your body is for His glory and to depart you will be a hero welcome into His everlasting presence if you keep your faith. You live for him, either way. Make sure you are not on the run fight like a good soldier and you will win. Challenges are there to mark your unforgettable milestones and the God kind encounters. Fearlessly move on! Be of good cheer, be of good courage; you can fly and soar up high like an eagle, your dream is true and attainable…

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