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Twinkles of dawn book and CD are great to have. In your quiet times, you can read or listen to the spoken word; you will be inspired and encouraged!
Madeline Ndambakuwa
I endured hardships that taught me to seek God when there was nothing else to depend on.
Comfort: Another book ... coming soon!


A book that is a companion and inspiration for the daily challenges & CD of 25 poems from the book, spoken with music it is a real encouragement for real life issues.

Twinkles of Dawn - Book
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Twinkles of Dawn - CD 25 Tracks
Madeline Ndambakuwa - Twinkles of Dawn - Twinkles of Dawn

This book is for every heart that has been bruised and needs comfort; and for every soul that needs to be ignited with a new touch of fire. I know you will be comforted by the inspiration that I have received from the hand of the Father of all comfort. You may have lost a loved one to death or divorce. May be you feel you have lost so much of yourself and now you have lost your way or the meaning of life; you question yourself, “Is this all there is to life?” Yes my dear friend, there is more for you and there is a place of comfort for you. The good news is your warfare will be ended. You will receive double for your trouble. Your reward is in Godís hands and in these poems you will find a way to receive it all for now and for eternity. Comfort, comfort to you! © 2010| Privacy policy