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My Thoughts on Creativity

The greatest master I know in creativity is God. Creation is an artistic/ poetic masterpiece that has no comparison. No other artist or writer can create better than the master himself. Tiny lines of the design of your finger prints are a unique witness of this truth. The sky and fluffy white clouds and the landscape and the vastness of the sea, the roaring waves, thunder and lighting clap; thatís a masterís painting brush that I think as an artist I can not recreate but I can be thankful I have the right to imitate it.

Madeline answers why she writes poetry

Why do you write what you write?
Itís a celebration of victory, comforting others by the comfort I have received.
I have been down, but I know that a voice of encouragement whether you are losing or winning will boost your performance. I am simply a vessel that delivers divine truth that has been revealed to me, I am a messenger that brings the flowers from the Lover of your soul. So thatís why I talk to everyone in every walk of life. I understand how precious every individual is. In brokenness I was comforted and now I have a chance to rewrite my story.


My Testimony

I felt the pinch of being unemployed, homeless, depressed and feeling forgotten at the age of forty; everything I was hopping to accomplish had just slipped out of my hands. I thought I was tough in the sight of challenges but I found myself weak, my faith tested and my body frail. In my own strength and wisdom I could not make my way forward. I wanted to master life and attain my dreams but it was hard to see another day. I had no option but to seek God and in my most vulnerable state, I returned to the gifts I knew I had. It was at that moment that I realized I was not alone, no matter what you are going through right now I want you to know you are not alone; heaven has got you covered. Please listen to these poems. "Not Alone, Challenges, Healing for my Soul and The Hand."

Background and Purpose

We all define poetry in our own way, but I want to say in poetry you have to have a fine artistic composition and if composed well it will not be short of a rhythm, its great delivery is in the spoken word which is a creating force on its own. Real poetry speaks even in silence on a written page. The heart and mind can be in harmony with the spirit. The voice of poetry is unlimited. Poetry has the lubricating oil of emotions that can make you excited or sad. Beholding its beauty is pleasurable, the imaginative power of it is breathtaking, the thoughts are deep and the truth is comforting but can also be piercing when you have to face it and take it in.
Usually I meet people who think poetry is something they can not understand. Here is why you can understand poetry, if you have ever been happy or cried you can understand the rhythm and the emotion behind joy or sadness. Beneath these two is the meaning of the emotion. My poems are simple to understand I reveal the fact that I am human enough to feel the pain, to laugh and cry but God is Sovereign and at the same time humorous. He can make you laugh when everyone think you must be crying.
My friend life is happening to me and to you right now and I talk about it and I write my observation. You can be encouraged by my experiences; you can laugh at my conclusions, learn wisdom by the way life happens to me and you can also learn from my mistakes and the confessions of my sins. That is the creativity of poetry to me, life happening.

Does any one inspire you?

Of course, my family and friends inspire me a lot. Sometimes total strangers inspire me too! It maybe in an elevator, town square, park, and mall anywhere I am. I keep my eyes and ears open. I study lives. Drawing trained me to see and observe fine contours and shadows. My favorite writers and poets are Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Robert Frost, but I read less of their work and more of what inspired them. Their lessons are great; they learned from the classroom of life. The greatest force that pushes me to action is when challenges inspire me. That usually gets me to wake up inspiration and work ten times better.

Why did you choose poetry over the other ways of expression?

Poetry can be subtle, words are exciting you can squash them, smash them on walls and mould them; you say what you are not saying but still say what you want to say. You can say, "I shall not speak," when you are actually speaking. The artistís palette is limiting, I like to play with words.

What does poetry mean to you?

Poetry is a revelation; a surprising understanding of a matter that has been disclosed to you. A moment of an epiphany where you can honestly say, "Wow! I see." So for me it is not just an open statement of the emotions and feelings of what I have gone through or I have witnessed another person go through but in the tranquility after the storm; itís a moment that I have found an answer and I understand the truth of the matter. For instance, storms in life just donít come to harass you but they can also be an awakening. So it becomes a story or a message that is not a complaint but an answer. It becomes creativity just like Archimedes, one can openly say, "Eureka! I have found it;" and so did Newton, Einstein, Michael Angelo and Shakespeare great men of creativity. They were able to see. I will probably say poetry for me is a means of observation, reflection and sizing my challenges in a wise way.

What is the message behind your work?

Faith, Hope, Love and Courage, I write the wisdom and principles found in the word of God that have the power to transform and work for anyone who is willing. Manís issues are universal, and they donít change much. There were men that were beating their wives in the caves before we had electricity or sky scrappers, women that were mean and ignorant. Today there are educated men that beat their wives, mean women living in mansions. We still have empty hearts searching for meaning. Our battle between evil and good has not changed; it is actually getting hotter in the frontlines as we approach the end.
Day after day our faith and courage in God must increase. In spite of all our shot falls; I believe that man was born for conquest and with faith it is possible to please God and to overcome every challenge that life throws at your feet. © 2010 | Privacy policy