A Voice of Encouragement

We all need encouraging words in good and in bad times. You have come to the right place. Browse through these pages and be encouraged.
What does poetry mean to me?
Why I write Poetry

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I am excited you are on this site today, welcome to the world of champions that refuse to take no for an answer. In this collection of poems you will encounter a friend. It is like having a companion or coach giving you a boost of encouragement, inspiration, comfort and strength in those moments; when you are faced with challenges. You will learn to perceive life in the shoes of a winner, knowing that you are a champion; you can not be subdued by adversity. You will have wisdom and principles to paint your life as a colorful masterpiece. Your faith and hope will increase and you will experience unconditional love.
My Testimony
The Greatest Lesson
Surrender Your Will
Twinkles of Dawn Bood and CD
Surrender Your Will
Stand for Good and Life
Faith, Hope, Love and Courage

You cared tremendously for me
And now I know the love of Jesus
Has bound our hearts together
I am grateful my friends
Your crazy faith took me to Jesus

An image of his image a reflection of his Glory diffusing the knowledge of Christ in every place.